How to get Jobs in IB School

We are conducting a session on How to get Jobs in IB Schools on 20th Feb 2022 at 11 AM.

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We have received the following questions from Participant and will try to answer these questions

  1. How should I apply to an IB School?

  2. How to Become a Teacher in IB School?

  3. What Qualifications are required to get into an IB School?

  4. What Experiences are required to get into an IB School?

  5. What is the selection process in an IB School?

  6. What are the Eligibility Criteria to apply to IB Schools?

  7. What are the special skills or qualifications are needed to work as a teacher for IB School?

  8. How to make myself employable to teach in an IB curriculum?

  9. How to apply for an IB Teaching Jobs abroad?

  10. How to approach the school for an IB Teaching Jobs?

  11. How to get Jobs in IB School, even if I do not have experience in teaching in IB School?

  12. How to get Jobs without having any teaching experience?

  13. How to get IB professional Teaching Certificate?

  14. How to upgrade myself and get teaching jobs in IB School?

  15. I want to understand the teaching pedagogy of IB Schools like PYP and MYP?

  16. How essential is it to have a BEd qualification for teaching in IB School?

  17. How to integrate IB learner profiles with teaching pedagogy?

  18. What are the teaching philosophy and strategies of an IB School?

  19. How to crack interviews in an IB School?