Educators Coaching Program

What is Educators's Coaching Program?

Educators, Teachers, Trainers, Tutors, Shikshak, Guru- whatever name you call need Training and opportunities to grow themselves.

We felt this need last year and questioned ourselves- what we can do? And started with Teachers Training.

The program worked out really well and it helped a large pool of teachers to develop and groom to a new reality of going Digital.

But, we still feel that there is a missing link. Teachers need hand-holding and personalized coaching in several different ways

  1. Different Path for Teachers

  2. How to record Videos

  3. How to make any Youtube Channel

  4. How to Groom and self-develop

  5. How to start own digital courses

  6. How to respond to demanding Parents

  7. How to write a Resume with all Skill sets and experience

  8. How to get a better job with higher Salaries

  9. How to negotiate for better Salaries

  10. How to be an Edupreneur

  11. How to move to the role of Co-ordinators or Leadership position

  12. What are different Career Paths as a Teacher

  13. How to manage time

  14. How to work as a Social Member for the Society

  15. English Improvement for Teachers

Questions are endless

So, we are starting with the Educators Coaching Program, where you can Seek help within Educators Community to all your problems on a 1-to-1 basis.

Who can Help?

We are also looking for Educators who want to help other Educators- You can be a Retired Principal or Retired Teacher or you know how to Teach better or you can counsel or motivate others, you know how to use different Ed-tech tools.

Whatever you are or wherever you are, if you want to help others- you can always help others. Do let us know if you are willing to offer your time, experience, and expertise in any domain to other Educators.

How much it will cost?

Do everything come with a Price tag.

Yes, in the commercial world. But, not in the social world. If you find the service to be good, you can contribute which will help in running this program. But, this is not mandatory.