Reviews from Trainers

20 June 2021: It gives me immense pleasure to be in the midst of like minded people who are always thinking about contributing something towards teacher development..Let us join hands and do what we can to help our dear teachers who are doing so much for our younger generation- Indira Nair

20 June 2021: Thank you so much for your appreciation. You gave us platform and I am really delighted.- Nausheen Parkar


  • 20 June 2021: "Excellent Session" for Padlet session by Satarupa Sengupta- Rosamma John

  • 20 June 2021: "Thank you for this wonderful tool session" for Padlet session by Satarupa Sengupta- Neeta Gupta

  • 18 June 2021: "It was wondering session...and i have learnt so much about art integration learning.... Thankyou so much for conducting such session for teachers..... " for Art Integrated Learning - Monika Rattan