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Whatsapp Teaching Jobs Group Rules:

Request you to please join the Whatsapp group only if you are looking for Teaching Jobs in this State/Region. If not, kindly do not join this group. Once, you join the group following Rules and protocols to be followed.

1. Please introduce Yourself with your Name, Subjects, qualifications, City, and Experience in teaching (Any member who does not Introduce within 3 Days of Joining the Group will be removed from this group. If you are not comfortable introducing yourself, please do not join this Group.)

2. Please do not send any Good Morning message or Whatsapp Forward or YouTube Channel Links to subscribe or asking members to subscribe to your Whatsapp Group.

3. Please post a Teaching Vacancy only if you are associated with any Schools or Educational Institutions. No Job posting from any other Consultancy is allowed here.

4. If you want to post anything important or useful, do take permission from Group Admin before posting, or you can send post at info@educohire.com to get approved

We are looking for more suggestions and ideas for Group Rules, if you want to share ideas or any concerns do not hesitate to contact us.

Regards, Rishav, Co-Founder,


Whatsapp 91 99875 87591

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