Video/Audio Resume

Create Video/Audio Resume- How to Create?

An Audio/Video Resume is an effective way to create the First and Lasting Impression on Schools and Recruiters.

Few Pointers to create Video/Audio Resume:-

  1. Introduction (5-10 Seconds)- Start with Short Introduction. Tell your Name and talk about your current role, your qualification, and your experience.

  2. Background (10-15 Seconds)- Talk about your teaching experience and the kind of responsibilities (like subjects and grades you have handled). Talk about your skills and what you excel at.

  3. Key Highlights (10-20 Seconds)- Talk about something that you are unique at. Talk about something which you are passionate about. Talk about something which you can do with ease. Your achievements and talk about your favorite experience, what you have learned, and how it helped you grow. This is a great time to build your story.

  4. Summarize (5-10 Seconds)- You can end with what makes you a good fit for your role. Or you can talk about what kind of opportunities you are looking for. Thank the recruiter for their time and end with an action statement.

Guidelines for creating a Resume Clip:-

You can start with a concise introduction about yourself and cover the essentials. Don't read your resume. Talk about your career aspirations, highlight one big achievement, talk about your passion or talk about anything special that is not mentioned on your resume.

Narrate your story in an engaging manner, so that recruiters become interested in listening to your story. Give your professional best.

Give your best shot. All the best.

How to Record Video/Audio Resume:-

  1. Record your audio/video in a well-lit room and in a quiet place with no external sound disturbance.

  2. Before recording the Final Audio/Video, do practice 3-4 times if required.

  3. If recording from Mobile, use a Tripod stand. If not available, keep your mobile in a stable place.

  4. After Recording, upload it on your Google Drive and provide public permission or permission to to open Recording. Google Drive will create a URL link

  5. Upload URL Link in Video/Audio Resume Form

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