Math Teacher Reformer at Mizoram

Math Teacher Reformer at Mizoram

Seeds of Love Worldwide (SOLWW) is a 501 C3 US Based Nonprofit organization founded in 2018. The SOLWW Mission is to Educate, Empower, and Elevate underprivileged children and people around the world by providing teacher training, community engagement program and scholarship program. SOLWW believes that every person should be empowered to create a spectacular life no matter who they are or where they come from.

Currently, we serve 400 students and 15 teachers from Chakma community in Mahabodhi Residential School, Mizoram. In the academic year 2021-2022, we are looking for an exceptional sector leader to be associated with our school, and eventually expand our school network!

More detail:

Role: At SOLWW, we are looking for a Teacher Reformer who can work with us to improve the quality of teaching and learning processes within our schools by combining best practices rooted in research with contextual innovation. The Teacher Reformer role has key responsibilities in three main areas - teaching, teacher training, and project management. These responsibilities cumulatively imply co-leading your school with another teacher reformer in the school.


Teaching Secondary Math:

  • Set the vision of excellence for Secondary Math pedagogy in the school.

  • Develop and execute exemplary Long term plans, unit plans, and lesson plans which employ advanced pedagogical approaches in Math.

  • Plan and execute Secondary Math lessons in both regular school classes as well as in the afterschool program at an advanced proficiency level.

  • Innovate in data collection and data analysis approaches towards informed decision making.

Teacher Training:

  • Lead and Assist a team of teachers by conducting capacity building workshops.

  • Set ambitious goals with your School Leader and teachers, develop their professional development plans, and set them up for success in realizing their classroom visions.

  • Co-create the overall culture and contextual education program strategy as you co-lead the school with the School Leader.

Project Management:

  • Design and execute various projects for the school’s program (these could be for holistic development of students, initiatives for parent and community involvement, or for innovation in school practices).

  • Measure outcomes and work while continuously improving the design and implementation.

  • Document and share the project plans and learnings to enable other schools to replicate.

  • As a custodian of the resource room in the school, ensure that all the teaching aids – e.g. digital devices, books etc. are documented, issued to relevant stakeholders with necessary permissions, supervised and re-submitted to the resource room within the due deadlines. Ensure that the contract for the resource room with the school is duly honored by the school.

Experience and Competencies required:

  • Bachelor’s degree with exceptional performance as a teacher for 2 – 3 years

  • Advanced proficiency in all aspects of teaching

  • Subject Proficiency in Secondary Math

  • Ability to analyze root causes of problems and design sustainable solutions

  • Approachable and ready to immerse self with locals and their culture

  • Demonstrate an incredible work ethic, willingness to learn, and critical reflection Remuneration: Will be commensurate to qualification and experience.

Joining date: ASAP

Tenure: Although SOLWW doesn’t prescribe any strict tenure, we expect candidates to work with the assigned school for at least 1 academic year.

Application: Interested candidates are requested to forward their CV along with a brief write up about why this assignment interests them and what value add they would bring to the school’s academic intervention.

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