Referral Fee

What is Referral Fee?

Referral Fee is charged for each successful Hiring from the Candidate or Job Seeker. Before applying for any vacancies, the Candidate needs to agree. Once agreed, Resume is shared with the Employer (i.e. School/College or Coaching Class)

How to fill Referral Fee?

You can fill Referral Fee here

Why do we charge Referral Fees?

Unlike other Corporates, where there is a structure of Employer paying Referral Fees to a Platform like ours. In the Educational domain, still, Schools and Educational Institutions are not willing to pay the Platform Fee. An organization needs a revenue source to sustain and run, so we are charging a Job Placement Fee, once you get Hired by any Educational Institutes.

How much do we charge?

We charge a Flat Fee of 15 Days Salary for the First Month and no charge thereafter. For example: If your salary is INR 20000/ Month, you need to pay a One Time Placement Fee of INR 10000 for the First Month to be paid over 2 installments i.e. INR 5000 after First Month Salary and INR 5000 after the Second Month Salary.

When to pay Referral Fee?

Referral Fee is to be paid only after Hiring and only after you get the First Salary. No Payment needs to be done in advance.

I still have more questions?

You can connect with Bhakti- 91-70165 12174 or write to us at

I understood and will fill Referral Fee Consent Form.