Educators Community Catch-Up

Educators Community Catchup is our Community Forum from Educo Group. This program will be Run by Teachers and Educators and You will take active participation from each other Educators.

How to be part of Educators Community Catch-Up?

You can be part of the Educators Community Catch-up Event by registering your details here

Why Educators Community Catch-Up?

  1. ECC is going to be a Grass-root level organization that supports Teachers and Educators.

  2. ECC is going to be an ecosystem for Teachers. 

  3. The broad idea is to have an organization for Teachers which looks into the overall development of the Teachers and Educators community. 

  4. To compare ECC there is no parallel (but something in line with the Rotary Club or Lions Club of Teachers)

Over the last 18 months, we have been conducting Webinars, Workshops, Courses and providing hiring solutions to Educational Institutes and Ed-Tech companies.

But, we always felt there is a missing link and we wanted you to lead the forum. We have already received interest from a few Educators, Trainers, Facilitators and well-wishers to take this initiative ahead.

We are planning to conduct the following program initially and later it will be driven by you. In the community forum, you can share the following things:

  1. Story/Journey:

If you are an Edupreneur, you can share stories with other Educators in the form of Blogs or Talk-shows or if your story has already been published, you can publish in our community too. You can also share about your Journey, if you consider yourself to be successful in any way. Definition of success is different for different people

  1. Products/Services:

If you have built any Products or Services which could be useful for any other Educators and Students, you can share here again in form of an article, blog or can take part in the Community Forum program

  1. Skills/Learning/Perspectives:

We are already conducting a program in the form of a 60 minutes workshop/webinar. But, there are skills that can be shared over 10-15 minutes. These skills you can share in the Educators Community Catchup Event

  1. Challenges/Seek Help-

You may be struggling or looking for help, you can ask for support from community members

  1. Discussion/Forum:

You want to discuss and share your opinions and drive perspective in topics like

  • “New Education Policy” or

  • “Skilling V/s Schooling/Degree” or

  • “Pre-Covid V/s Post- Covid Teaching world”

  1. Others:

You can share Useful Sites, Tools, any contents written by you, Your Youtube Channels, Websites, Books, Blogs, etc

For any queries, do write to us at